Calendar Saxony 2024 - 3 month planner

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Experience the diversity of Saxony with the 3-month planner! Practical calendar, note column, and yearly overview keep track of your appointments. With motifs of beautiful landscapes and buildings from all over Saxony, the year 2024 will be a visual delight.

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Experience the Splendor of Saxony - Calendar Saxony 2024 

Explore the breathtaking beauty of Saxony with our wall calendar for Saxony 2024. Each month reveals unique photographs emphasizing the diversity and elegance of Saxony. From idyllic landscapes to historic buildings and stunning cityscapes - this calendar brings the best of Saxony directly to your home. Enjoy the journey through the year and Saxony with our inspiring calendar.

Organization Meets Aesthetics - 3-Month Planner Saxony 2024 Calendar

Our 3-Month Planner Saxony is the perfect companion for the year 2024. It elegantly combines organization and the beauty of Saxony. With motifs from various regions of Saxony, this 2024 Saxony calendar is not just functional but visually appealing too. The calendar includes moon phases, holidays and observances, as well as information on the seasons and daylight saving changes. Additionally, it provides ample space for your personal notes, tasks, and reminders, and a yearly overview to facilitate long-term planning. With its dimensions of 315 x 500 mm, it perfectly fits your wall.

Photographic Journey through Saxony - Your Monthly Views in the Saxony 2024 Calendar

  • Enjoy the following impressions from Saxony:
  • Cover page: View from the Barbarine to Gohrisch
  • January: View of Keilberg, Saxony
  • February: Horse whim in Johanngeorgenstadt
  • March: Crocus bloom in Drehbach
  • April: Suspension bridge and Gattersburg in Grimma
  • May: Dutch windmill in Possendorf
  • June: Barbarine in the Pfaffenstein massif
  • July: Kuckuckstein Castle near Liebstadt
  • August: Hartenfels Castle in Torgau
  • September: View from the Häntzsschelstiege (Monkey rocks)
  • October: Bärenstein Castle in the Eastern Ore Mountains
  • November: Falconer fountain in Lauenstein
  • December: Klaffenbach moated castle

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Calendar Data:

  • 3-Month planner with Saxony motifs
  • Calendar with moon phases, holidays and observances, seasons, and daylight saving changes
  • Note column and yearly overview
  • Equipped with a date slider
  • Format 315 x 500 mm


Companion for the Entire Year - Wall Calendar and School Holidays

In addition to the inspiring motifs, our Saxony 2024 calendar also provides practical support for planning the school holidays in Saxony 2023/24. To help you keep track, it contains information on the Saxony school holidays 2024, the autumn holidays Saxony 2024, and the holidays Saxony 2025. The Saxony 2024 calendar is thus both an aesthetic and practical companion for the entire year, stylishly addressing the organizational challenges of everyday life.

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