Ore Mountains Calendar: Highlights Ore Mountains 2024

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The calendar showcases the wonders of the Ore Mountains through detailed descriptions. It is complemented by a series of 12 articles and historical photographs. The Saxon calendar includes both moon phases and all national holidays and festivities. The calendar is enhanced by an exciting contest with numerous traditional prizes from the Ore Mountains. Additionally, the included set of postcards adds to the calendar's value.

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Ore Mountains Calendar: Highlights of the Ore Mountains 2024

The Enchanting Ore Mountains

The Ore Mountains, a picturesque range in East Germany, span an area of about 5,300 square kilometers and are home to nearly 1.3 million people. Located on the border between Saxony and Bohemia, the region is known for its rich mineral reserves, idyllic landscapes, and distinct towns.

Ore Mountains Calendar 2024: Journey through the Seasons

The Ore Mountains Calendar 2024 is a meticulously curated collection of large-format photographs that vividly depict the various seasons in the Ore Mountains. Each month is dedicated to a special scene highlighting the region's unique beauty.

A Magnet for Tourists: The Ore Mountains

The Ore Mountains are a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. From hiking and skiing to mountain biking, the region offers numerous opportunities for active relaxation. Additionally, the regional cuisine with its culinary specialties and traditional dishes is enticing.

A Journey through the Ore Mountains' Mining History

Mining history is deeply embedded in the DNA of the Ore Mountains. Cities like Annaberg-Buchholz, Schneeberg, and Marienberg tell stories of centuries-old mining traditions and shape the face of the region with their historic mine tunnels and shafts.

The Wall Calendar "Highlights of the Ore Mountains 2024"

The Ore Mountains Calendar 2024 presents you with a visual journey through the Ore Mountains region, bringing you closer to the diversity and beauty of this mountain range in an impressive manner. Large-format images showcase the most beautiful places and landscapes of the Ore Mountains.


Cover Page: Rittersgrün

Rittersgrün, the gateway to the Ore Mountains, is featured on the cover page of the Ore Mountains Calendar 2024. This charming place enchants with its rural charm and picturesque backdrop.

January: View of Dörfel

In January, the Ore Mountains Calendar 2024 turns its focus to the small, idyllic village of Dörfel. The breathtaking snowy landscape brings this peaceful village to life.

February: The Zschopau in Willischthal February in the Ore Mountains Calendar 2024 offers a breathtaking view of the Zschopau in the wintery Willischthal. An icy touch of beauty and silence.

March: Geising

March introduces the beautiful Geising in the Calendar Highlights of the Ore Mountains 2024. This place is known for its picturesque landscapes and the feeling of calm and peace it exudes.

April: Castle Ruins of Hartenstein

In April, the Ore Mountains Calendar 2024 focuses on the impressive Castle Ruins of Hartenstein. The majestic walls, surrounded by fresh spring green, are a true eye-catcher.


May: Adelsberg Tower with View to Kleinolbersdorf

In May, the Calendar Highlights of the Ore Mountains 2024 showcases a breathtaking view from the Adelsberg Tower to Kleinolbersdorf. This spring moment, captured in an impressive panorama, is an absolute highlight.


June: Schneeberg St. Wolfgang Church

In June, the Ore Mountains Calendar 2024 takes you to Schneeberg to the St. Wolfgang Church. This impressive sacral building is surrounded by the blooming nature of early summer.


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