Saxony Calendar: Highlights Saxony 2024

Item number: GLS-2024

The calendar presents the wonderful landscapes and buildings of Saxony through detailed descriptions. It is complemented by a series of 12 articles and historical photographs. The Saxon calendar includes both moon phases as well as all national holidays and festivals. The calendar is enhanced by an exciting raffle featuring numerous traditional prizes from the Ore Mountains. Additionally, the included series of postcards adds value to the calendar.

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Saxony Calendar: Highlights of Saxony 2024

Holidays in Saxony 2024 featured in the "Highlights of Saxony 2024" Wall Calendar

The Highlights of Saxony 2024 wall calendar is more than just a basic calendar. Besides its breathtaking photography, it includes all the public holidays in Saxony for 2024, ensuring you don't forget significant days like Easter, Pentecost, and Christmas. In Saxony, these festivals are celebrated with great joy and tradition, and our calendar helps you plan and enjoy these special moments and the 2024 Saxony holidays.


The Free State of Saxony

Saxony is located in the eastern part of Germany and is renowned for its unique geographical features. With an area of about 18,416 square kilometers and a population of approximately 4 million people, it's a remarkable region. The three largest cities are Leipzig, Dresden, and Chemnitz, each with their unique allure.


Tourism in Saxony

Saxony is a paradise for tourists. It offers an array of architectural wonders, including impressive castles and forts. The splendor of Moritzburg Castle, the majestic Trebsen Castle, and the captivating ruins of Oybin Castle and Monastery are just a few of the highlights this state has to offer. These places are always worth visiting, not only on the Saxony holidays in 2024.


Mining in Saxony

The history of Saxony is deeply rooted in mining. Cities like Freiberg, Schneeberg, and Marienberg bear witness to Saxony's significant mining tradition. Here, precious ores like silver, tin, and uranium were extracted, contributing to the development and prosperity of the region.


"Highlights of Saxony" Wall Calendar with Saxony Holidays 2024

The Highlights of Saxony 2024 wall calendar, featuring the holidays in Saxony for 2024, is an ode to the beauty of Saxony. It showcases large-scale images of the most picturesque places and landscapes in Saxony and is a must-have for any lover of this magnificent region.


January: Auersberg

Start the year with a striking image of the Auersberg. This elevation in the Ore Mountains offers a spectacular panorama, illustrating the power and beauty of Saxony's nature.


February: Trebsen Castle

In February, the calendar featuring the holidays in Saxony 2024 showcases the picturesque Trebsen Castle, a landmark of Saxon architecture. Its impressive structure and surrounding landscape invite you to dream.


March: Ruins of Oybin Castle and Monastery

March features the intriguing ruins of Oybin Castle and Monastery, bringing a touch of mystique and history into your home.


April: Greifensteine

In April, the natural beauty of the Greifensteine, a rock formation in the Ore Mountains, is highlighted. It's a popular destination for climbers and hikers.


May: Poppy Field near Callenberg

In May, you will be enchanted by the beauty of the Poppy Field near Callenberg. The vibrant red of the blossoms contrasts sharply with the green landscape, inviting one to linger.


June: Temple of the Muses at the Large Pond in agra-Park Markkleeberg

June takes you to the agra-Park Markkleeberg, where the Temple of the Muses at the Large Pond shines in its full glory. This scene captures the calm and beauty of the Saxon summer.


July: Saxon Switzerland with a view to Lilienstein

In July, you will be mesmerized by the natural beauty of the Saxon Switzerland. The view of the Lilienstein is

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