Outdoor candle arch - The beautiful outdoor decoration in the Christmas Season

Candle arch is an arch of lights, which is used as a decoration in windows and outdoors at Christmas time. On the semicircle, candles or electric lights in the shape of candles are evenly distributed in an odd number. The shape of the Schwibbogen is derived from the architecture. Thus, the supporting arch between two walls is called a Schwibbogen.

The outdoor candle arches offered here are manufactured in a Saxon metal company and are made in very good quality. There are different models and sizes (100, 150 and 200 cm in length).

The candle arches are mostly in stock and will be delivered within a few days by freight forwarding or by ourselves.

In addition to the outdoor Schwibbögen you can also order replacement glass sleeves in 2 sizes. Due to storm or damage, these can be broken. This is not a problem, because you get here the special mouth-blown glass sleeves individually.

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