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Looking at the 2024 calendar, we appreciate the importance of calendars in our daily lives. Calendars, invented by early human cultures, structure days, weeks, months, and years, tracking significant annual events like seasons and holidays. The Babylonians were among the first to introduce a calendar around 3000 B.C. to track the lunar cycle.

Calendar Diversity

Calendars come in various forms, from printed desk or wall calendars to digital ones on smartphones and computers. Some 2024 calendars are thematic, displaying beautiful images, while others are more functional, providing space for notes and appointments.

Picture Calendars as Wall Decor

Large-format picture calendars became popular in the 20th century, serving as popular wall decor. They can feature various motifs, from landscapes, animal themes to thematic illustrations like vintage cars, sports, or industry-specific motifs like mining, making them popular Christmas Gifts.

Mining Calendar History

The Original Saxon Mining Calendar, introduced in 1994, displays impressive images of mining in the Ore Mountains, Bohemia, and Saxony. It's a popular Christmas gift, with new editions released annually, offering unique insights into the world of mining.

Impressive Witnesses: Review of Previous Mining Calendars

The range of published mining calendars is impressive, reflecting the diversity and beauty of mining in the Ore Mountains. Notable examples include the 2002 Mining Cracks calendar, showcasing impressive cracks from historical mines, and the 2008 Historical Mining Facilities calendar, impressing with extraordinary mining technology images.

Uniqueness in Every Respect: The Specialness of the Saxon Mining Calendar

The "Original Saxon Mining Calendar" stands out from other mining calendars, building a loyal fan base over the years. This is not only due to the impressive and unique underground images that vividly depict the raw beauty and technical masterpieces of mining. A standout feature of this 2025 mining calendar is its large format, allowing each image to be presented in full glory, highlighting fascinating details and nuances.

The 2024 Calendar and the Future

The 2024 mining calendar will again show particularly beautiful mining motifs from well-known mining regions of the Ore Mountains, such as Freiberg, Marienberg, Schneeberg, and Annaberg-Buchholz. And yes, there will be calendars beyond 2024, appearing each time in early autumn.

Who is the Mining Calendar for?

The 2024 mining calendar is the perfect gift for former miners, geologists, engineers, and all from the region. It is popular not only in Saxony but throughout Europe and also serves as an ambassador of the region.

Order and Delivery of the 2024 Calendar

The new 2024 calendar will be introduced in July 2023 and can then be pre-ordered. Delivery usually takes place in August or September 2023. Note that the edition has often been sold out in recent years, so you should place your order in good time.


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