Greeting Card Mine Drawing from Schneeberg Mining - Good luck!

Item number: BB080

This premium mining fold-out card, measuring 21 x 10 cm, features a white interior that is highly writable. With each order, you'll receive a complimentary lined envelope without a window.

Design: „Sketch of Schneeberg Mining - Good luck!“


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Greeting Card Mine Plan from Schneeberg Mining - Good luck!

Historical Treasure: The Mine Plan of Schneeberg

The Mine Plan of Schneeberg is a fascinating testament to the mining history of this charming town in the Ore Mountains. Schneeberg, rich in history and tradition, was once a thriving center of mining. The detailed depiction of the mine plan showcases the complexity and skill of miners from bygone eras. The greeting card with the mine plan from Schneeberg is not only a piece of history but also a work of art.

Mine Plans: Windows into the World of Mining

Mine plans are indispensable topographical drawings in mining and provide detailed information about mine structures and deposits. They began to emerge in the 16th century and became increasingly common in the 17th and 18th centuries. A mine plan allows for understanding of the underground structures and often offers insights into the daily lives of miners. The greeting card with the mine plan from Schneeberg pays tribute to these important documents.

Versatile Greeting Cards: History and Art in Hand

Greeting cards are a wonderful way to convey special messages and connect people. The greeting card with the mine plan from Schneeberg is particularly unique in this regard. It combines artistic depictions with historical knowledge and is perfect for collectors, history enthusiasts, or simply as a special touch for a kind greeting. This greeting card can combine education, joy, and fascination in one and is an excellent gift for various occasions.

This high-quality mining folding card in the format 21 x 10 cm is white on the inside and very writable. With an order, you will receive a matching lined envelope without a window for free.

Details Greeting Card

  • Format: 21 x 10 cm, landscape
  • sturdy cardboard
  • very writable
  • Print: one-sided full color
  • incl. lined envelope without viewing window, unprinted
  • Card is delivered open

  • Made by - Made in Germany

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