Saxony - A State Full of History and Culture

Saxony is one of the 16 federal states of Germany, located in the east of the country. With a size of around 18,400 square kilometers and about 4 million inhabitants, it is a state full of history and culture. Its rich history ranges from its founding as the Duchy of Saxony in the Middle Ages to modern times as a federal state in reunified Germany. The 2024 Saxony calendar offers the opportunity to explore this rich history and culture throughout the year.


Mining in the Ore Mountains - A Tradition with a Future

Mining plays a central role in Saxony's history, especially in the Ore Mountains. With the Original Saxon Mining Calendar 2024, you can discover the fascinating history of mining in the Ore Mountains, from the medieval silver mines to modern times. Despite the decline of the mining industry in the 20th century, the mining tradition in the Ore Mountains is still alive and shapes the region in many ways.


The Original Saxon Mining Calendar - A Time Document of Old Mining in Saxony

Since 1994, the Original Saxon Mining Calendar has offered impressive insights into the historical old mining in Saxony. Each 2024 Saxony calendar is not only a practical timepiece but also a valuable historical document that presents the complex history and cultural heritage of mining in Saxony. With its impressive underground images, the mining calendar invites you to discover and appreciate Saxony's rich mining history.


The 2024 Saxony Calendar - A Coveted Gift and Collectible

The Original Saxon Mining Calendar is very popular as a gift item among both private individuals and companies. Whether as a Christmas gift or as a special present for business partners - the 2024 Saxony calendar is a unique way to share the beauty and history of Saxony. It can be conveniently ordered in the online shop at In addition to the impressive depictions of mining, it also includes a calendar and the Saxony 2024 holidays. With the 2024 Saxony calendar, you are not only giving a practical calendar but also a piece of Saxon history and culture.


2024 Saxony Calendar - The Perfect Companion for School and Leisure

Calendars from other providers offer information that makes it an indispensable companion for families, students, and teachers in Saxony. The calendar contains important information, such as the Saxony 2023/24 school holidays, the Saxony 2024 school start, and the Saxony 2025 holidays. With this specific information, families can align their vacation and leisure plans with the school dates and make the most of the school-free time. In addition, the 2024 Saxony calendar is a valuable aid for planning school activities and events in advance. It is a useful tool that helps structure everyday life and at the same time discover the beauty and diversity of Saxony.

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